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And I was high-key interested, honestly.” Others report nights they’ll never forget, nights that ended in various sorts of “only in New York” calamity.Like J — who wishes to remain unnamed, because his current girlfriend might be mad.

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“Showed up, it was Tinder Guy, Tinder Guy’s Best Friend, and Female of Nebulous Relationship to Tinder Guy and Tinder Guy’s Best Friend,” she explained in an email. Female of Nebulous Relationship to Tinder Guy quickly leaves and I am now on a date with two men.

Who proceed to try to convince me to have a threesome with them.

Some people go to find lovers; some people bring dates; and some people start the night with one date and leave with another arrangement — like my new hero, Rachel Bell, a Brooklyn writer with a Drake tattoo.

She recently went to Union Pool for the first time, on a Tinder date.

“They were playing some good music and I break it the fuck down on the dance floor, so I was into it.” And then, he writes, “There she was: this little long-haired brunette with an ass that almost made me cry tears of joy.

I locked in, and started throwing some vibes around heavily.” A familiar story: The two went home together.

After a beer and some queso, I’ll go home by myself by 12 — but still, an itch is scratched. Most people within a certain New York demographic — the demographic with Cheap Mondays and PBR in their past — also have a Union Pool story, and if they don’t, then a friend, or a friend of a friend, or a co-worker, or a roommate does.

People report going there in times of sadness (“he hit his Saturn Return, ended our ten-year relationship, and I went straight to Union Pool”), in times of desperation (“I needed a place to stay for the night because I was locked out of my apartment, so I went to Union Pool”).

How, exactly, did this bar become the stuff of horny legends?

And how has it remained the stuff of horny legends, well after Williamsburg basically turned into Manhattan?

“I have friends who’ve met at Union Pool and gotten married.

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