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" said Lan somewhat yelling,"It's ok Lan," Megaman said, "I ask that to start a converstation because I want some advice.""What? " Megaman said almost yelling under his breath,"Well, how should I know! ""Yay, I know that, but I thought sence you 'love' Maylu you'll have something to say ab...""I DONT LOVE MAYLU!

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""Yay but it says there's a Grand Opening sale so Roll might really like it! " Maylu said,"Ask him to go to the movies or something." Roll said,"Yay, but what if he says no? " Maylu said with tears in her eyes,"Yay" Roll said, right as Megaman beamed down into her homepage."H... " Maylu added,"Same here," Roll started, "Minus the movie part." Roll said giggling,"Time for bed." Maylu said,"Good Night! (*clears typing finger*)"Megaman do you accept Roll to be your lovely wedded wife?

Lan sat on his bed thinking about Mayl and trying to find the courage to ask her out like his little (or older I can't remeber) brother did to Roll.-Maylu's House-"Roll? ""What am I going to say to Lan when I try to ask him out? ""He took me to the movies and to my favorite store and he gave me my dress that I was saving up for." Mayl said,"And at the end we kissed for a long time! " Tory said,"Yea." Lan said as they left Lan's and Mayl's apartment,=What was Mayl doing through all of this? After everyone came and found a seat Lan took his place at the alter wit heveryone else,"You ready Megaman... " Lan said,"Lan I'm glad I can marry Roll and still be with you! (I didn't know navies could cry.)As they were talking Roll and Mayl walked in and the wedding began.(Im going to start of with Megaman's POV cause I think I didnt give him enough story)As Roll came down the ail Megaman was ready and has Roll was standing by Megaman the service started and they went through the wedding stuff but screw that lets get to the "I do" parts...

""Good Night" Roll said.-After the Gang got a Good Night Sleep...-"*Yawn* Good Morning Megaman! ""Sounds good." Lan added,"Im going to ask her out now, See ya! " the cyber-priest said,"I do." Roll said somewhat giggling,"I now pernounce you husband and wife." (*ME aka the author starts crying*)The cyber-cameras went flashing when Megaman and Roll kissed. " the preist asked,"I do." Lan said smiling,"And Mayl do you accept Lan to be your lovely wedded husband?

" Megaman shouted,"I'll take her to the new store that opened! " Mayl said sounding scared,"Your a beautiful girl Mayl and I think Lan thinks so to." (NOTE: I THINK SHE IS TOO! " And they went to bed.-After a good night sleep-"Wake up Lan! " said the cyber-priest (yea sweet name : P)"I do." Megaman said from the heart,"And Roll do you accept Megaman to be your lovely wedded husband?

" Roll said excited,"Yay," said Maylu,"Do you love him to? "And the camera went crazy flashing and Lan and Mayl shared a kiss that they never experienced before.

" Lan said,"Sup Lan" Megaman said,"Im going to ask Roll out today" Megaman added,"Really! " Lan said,"Not sure, Ill look for a good place on the net.""You could take here to a cafe? It wasn't just a 30 second kiss nope it was like a 5 minute kiss,(Now Lan's POV)As Maylu was walking down the ail.. ""I do." Mayl said also smiling,"I now pernounce you husband and wife!

" Maylu said,"Yea," Roll said, "And I dont know how to come out and ask him on a date.""I'll help you if you help me." Maylu asked quietly,"With what? As they went to bed Lan and Maylu shared for first kiss in there bed together and so did Megaman and Roll. So I hoped you enjoyed my first story in Fan Fiction please Rate and Review More storys will be on the way when I have time to make them.

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