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They also have an affair guarantee: If you don't have an extramarital affair, they will reimburse all of your money.

No other married affair dating service propose this.

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The only reason I'm here is because my lovers have matured and have their own lives.

I supported one while she went to med school, one is graduating from law school next year they will always be in my life and the person who is with me will know that. Your partner should be no less than your colleagues or business contacts...

Also FYI I am tall, so all you shorty pants men (under 5'11) out there that lie on your profile about how tall you are I will be able to tell, I will probably be taller than you. Especially since the other half of this couple is the cats meow, you have a lot to live up to. We are totally committed to each other, and not lacking anything in our own sex lives or in our relationship together. I am looking for a passionate business woman by day, PASSIONATE woman in the bedroom.

This is not an insult to short men I had my fair share of them and I have decided it is not for me. We are looking for fun, sexy people to hang out with, and take it to the next level if the chemistry is there. MUST HAVE CLASS, ( if you need to ask then you don't have it) confident and MUST BE DISCREET! I also have no intentions of taking you from your man!

The other three women in my life including her exlover understand this.

That's because they were never lied to and were friends first and lovers later and knew exactly what they were getting into. And why not, test how the stereotype things like wine and candles and bath work... Both guys and ladies refer to this site daily to fullfill their marital affair desires.This married affair webservice has millions of members all over the world and the opportunities of finding someone locally to have a discreet affair with is really guaranteed.Browsing trough hundrends online dating services I couldn't find so perfect site that helps me to find discreet affair in Kentucky, KY.Due to my family I have no time for bars and have no opportunity to travel to the other state. Com for having sex each time when I want since I found the perfect dating site. Com to everyone who wants to find discreet relationships and doesn't agree for virtual and cyber sex for wasted money.He has the capability to be an all out freak but for the past two and half years our sex life has tapered.

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