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I have an elder sister Rekha, who is 35 years of age. So she just pushed me back and said whatever you want to do it at night. I was not able to concentrate on my work whole day.

My father Sundar was a High School Head master, who is retired now. My mother Jayamma is a primary school head teacher she is 50 years old and is still working. I went straight behind her and put my hands on her boobs above the towel and started squeezing it hard. She was enjoying my act but at the same she was aware of the time.

But that's not all, dear boys and girls, we went further and made ??

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Then slowly moved my hand back of her knee where there is a small pit.

So I silently slid my hand in her night and caught hold the calf muscle and started squeezing it. Somewhere I had read that, that is very sensitive part of a woman.

Even though I had several girlfriends in college I was virgin till my marriage. My Cock is about 6.2 inches when it is erect and I have a very thick libido. I logged off at 5 and went to pick up Sneha from her office.

Me and my wife both are very likeminded and we wanted to try new positions every day.

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We all had dinner at 9 PM and made arrangements for sleeping. One is used by my parent and one for me and my wife. That whole day I was playing with Sanmith and whenever I got chance I squeezed my wife’s breasts and her ass. So it is very hungry” My wife said “it looks like Akka wil be here till her hubby comes her and takes her back.” That was really a worry for me. My sis and wife were sleeping on the double bed in our room. My plan was to make my wife sleep this side of the bed and I’ll go to their room at midnight and have a session with my wife. But I assured her that nothing will happen like that and I know my sister well. I put my hands inside the nighty and started squeezing my wife’s boobs.

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