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As one of the magazines with the longest lifespan in the country, the Weekly Review was widely read. In the 1990s, the magazine business grew and many titles, ranging front the professional to the sector-based, joined the newsstands.

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Weeklies such as the Economist, Time and Newsweek are popular with the upper and middle classes, foreign nationals living in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya and academia.

Popular monthly titles such as 0 (the Oprah Winfrey magazine), Cosmopolitan and Reader’s Digest, too, have a sizeable following.

Being the Market leader in showbiz entertainment, Pulse has created, raised, built and supported the local entertainment industry in East Africa.

Category: Magazines in Kenya True Love is East Africa’s leading women’s magazine that was introduced in October 2004 and re-launched in July 2010.

The Organisational Performance Index (OPI) is a business excellence model framework that the Institute has developed to drive excellence and competitiveness in institutions based on global benchmarks The KIM Professional Diploma and certifications equip you with hands on management and leadership skills required in the workplace and business.

They build onto or into your academic qualifications and professional experience making you not only the choice of every employer but also an employer in your business.Category: Magazines in Kenya Parents magazine Kenya is a family magazine that has been published consistently each month by Stellan Consult Ltd for over 25 years in Nairobi, Kenya.Printed in full colour from cover to cover, Parents features regular columns that make it an inspirational magazine that also tackles real life issues through practical features and advice sourced from the best professionals and writers.The former distributes newspapers, magazines and books from Europe (mainly the United Kingdom, France and Germany), US and Australia.They include French and German newspapers such as Le Monde and Der Spiegel.In the 1980s, the Weekly Review was the most popular political analysis magazine.

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