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As it is, relationships are difficult, aren't they? Kangana Ranaut further added how being in a relationship can be both traumatic as well as empowering. Well, many congratulations to Kangana and we wish her relationship remains healthy forever.

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She heard a journalist call him and ask him about his relationship with Kangana.

But seeing Adhyayan rub it off under the ‘just friend” tag, she lost her cool and yelled at him saying, ‘You are trying to hide the fact that you are seeing me! ” Following which, she made sure he gives a one-sided interview of he being in love with her.

After that we see Rani again on the same road in Paris with a big black car stopping for her because she's in the middle of the road.

See more » Well well well, what do i tell you about Vikas Bahl & Kangana Ranaut. Nobody could have played "Rani- The Queen" better than her.

” She was talking about a man whose been in this industry for 25 years, seen so much stardom of his own and has so much love, support and goodwill in the industry. I came back to my house and she messaged me something again about my father.

I hope I get into the position when I can talk about it.

Kangana’s another ex- Adhyayan now rants on why he sympathises Hrithik coz dealing with Kangana is equivalent to death. Recalling back to the traumatic 2 years when he was with Kangana, he says how the actress would abuse him, slap him and even involve him do black magic.

Here are 7 times when he helplessly fell prey to Kangana’s abnormal tricks: When it all started All was well until one day Kangana bad-mouthed Adhyayan for not declaring their relationship in public.

New Delhi, September 23 (ANI): After having two heartbreaks with Aditya Panscholi and Adhyayan Suman Bollywood's curly beauty Kangana Ranaut is in love again. We lived together.' The actor, who seems to be extremely smitten by the foreigner, went on to admit how romantic her 28-year-old boyfriend was, adding that he knows to play the guitar and usually sings for her.

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