Invalidating a nstimer

Another option is to use perform Selector:with Object:after Delay:. If you alloc, copy, retain, then you must release the object for memory.

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Going back from that tableview to the first view makes my app quit. - (NSInteger)table View:(UITable View *)table View number Of Rows In Section:(NSInteger)section // Customize the appearance of table view cells.

Usually with no message in the console, but every so often I get: Root View Controller.m: // // Root View Controller.m // ign Boards // // Created by Christian A. - (UITable View Cell *)table View:(UITable View *)table View cell For Row At Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)index Path // Override to support row selection in the table view.

First of all, as we saw it has a very old fashion syntax based on Objective-C runtime, working with targets and selectors instead of closures which make them look like a fish out of water in my Swift code.

On the other hand, and more important, NSTimers are one of the easiest ways to introduce a memory leak in your App if you don’t pay attention to ARC. Well, check the following example: Conclusion Probably (and hopefully), Apple will give soon all the love and tender to those APIs that still need it, but in the meanwhile, they are a good excuse to be creative, getting as result more readable and safety code… Feel free to add me on github, twitter or if you have any question.

Once we’re happy with the way it looks, we can work backwards and figure out the implementation details.

For a timer that’s going to run one time, we would need to provide the time interval and the code that’s going to execute: What if we might need to cancel our timer?

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