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Terrifying Howl lets the Barbarian take a standard to put all shaken creatures within 30 feet to fully panicked for 1d4 1 rounds.

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Therefore ½ BAB classes or inherently ranged classes don’t fare well at all with this combat strategy, and ¾ BAB classes should have their feat slots thought out well in advance.4) Stat dependencies - CHA dependency allows you to forgo Bruising Intellect and potentially Intimidating Prowess, but outside of maybe Paladins and Swashbucklers we aren’t likely to get that.

Due to the aforementioned trait and feat we can be STR and/or INT dependent instead with little skin off our backs.

If you spend your turn giving a single creature the shaken condition, you were effectively 10% of a character that turn.

When these considerations are taken together, it becomes clear that Intimidate builds...weren’t really meant to work well.

The fact that the enemies within 30 feet need to already be shaken before using this power is also troubling.

Still, it is a good power, and Barbs have all the basics for this build down as well. Like the Skald, we’re a ¾ BAB class without bonus feats.

Tieflings also have exclusive access to some feats and traits for intimidation, but none of them are particularly amazing.1) Bonus feats - The more the merrier. Due to the abundance of demoralize feats that are only available from LVL 6 onward, retraining earlier feats might be a good idea.require melee attacks to be made.

Many of the best demoralization feats have BAB requirements (generally 6).

As the few feats that made this combat strategy viable get banned for Society play, I wonder if they read my guide and took the toys away out of pure spite.

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