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One woman I met at the Pinettes show, Renee Lapeyrolerie, wrote me, “Badly worded, not a crime, just a sin lol enjoy the rest of your stay,” and then advised me to put my phone in a zip-lock bag in case it rained.

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By the end of a week I had danced in the streets so much I’d worn holes through the bottoms of each of them, straight through to my socks.

That, more than Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest or oak trees or gumbo, is my indelible image of the city: The only place in the world where I’ve had such a good time that the shoes melted right off my feet.

“You take out the arts, it’s like, where’s the passion?

” The city’s true currency, though, will always be its people, and while this may sound like lazy reporting, I found no better way to meet New Orleans natives than by riding in Lyfts and Ubers.

I experienced that pride a bit when I wrote something offhand on Twitter about how locals were ending conversations by telling me to “be safe,” and that I got the impression that no one walked around after dark.

It was a badly worded tweet, though not entirely off base. New Orleans has a notorious violent crime rate, one that predominantly affects black men, but that sometimes spills over to tourists and residents.

Pick that horn back up, keep it going.” Elsewhere, on St.

Claude Avenue, I met another group of women at a nonprofit called Dancing Grounds who are trying to spread the empowering message of twerking.

I’m not a kismet kind of person, but recently I found those sneakers again, on the eve of a trip back to New Orleans that is the start of a complete 180-degree turn in my life.

I had just gotten my dream job as the lucky writer who gets to spend the next year traveling to every destination on The New York Times’s annual 52 Places to Go list — and New Orleans happened to be both No. It’s a thrilling opportunity, and I’ve been a wreck.

(Solo women travelers, as always, should exercise extra caution, no matter the outcry of locals.) But the city also has, I’ve learned, a very forgiving spirit.

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