Interracial dating around the world

Certainly a couple from different cultural groups needs godly counsel, as do all couples, to help ensure they understand their roles in marriage and the differences they have that could potentially cause problems.However, if a man and woman trust Christ as their Savior and believe it would please Him for them to marry, nothing in Scripture disallows this, from either a biological or a spiritual perspective.

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God doesn’t look at our outward biological appearance; He looks on our inward spiritual state.

And when considering marriage, couples should look on the inside spiritual condition.

During that time, so-called mixed marriages between a Japanese and a non-Japanese American were greatly opposed.

Times change, and today such marriages are usually accepted without question.

From a spiritual perspective, the only two races are those who are of the kingdom of light and those who are of the kingdom of darkness.

The Bible emphasizes this by stating that a Christian should never knowingly marry a non-Christian.

However, a Canaanite appears in the genealogy of Jesus Christ—Rahab (). Obviously from the Jericho account in Joshua 6, Rahab stopped being a Canaanite spiritually and became an Israelite spiritually when she trusted in the true God.

When she did this, she was free to marry an Israelite because she was then of the same spiritual race, which is what marriage is truly about.

However, when it comes to a marriage involving two different skin “colors,” there remains in Western culture, as has been true for generations, a basic intolerance of a marriage between so-called white and black—usually called an interracial marriage. From a biblical perspective, all humans are descendants of one man and one woman—Adam and Eve ().

Thus, if the Bible’s history is accurate, biologically, only one race of human beings exists.

” Despite some Christians’ incorrect application of passages such as , which has nothing to do with marriage but only the dispersion of nations over the earth, the Bible does not prohibit marriage between people groups.

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