eight simple rules for dating my daughter book - I am dating a married woman

The new married man started calling me everyday and I started really enjoying our conversations. " "Why is he calling me and why am I talking to him?

" All the old feelings I had for him came flying in like they had never left.

In order to understand your feelings for this woman, you might want to consider a few things.

Ultimately, being in love with a married woman isn’t the worst thing that can happen, but it can cause some pretty serious complications.

He invited me to visit him and he flew me 400 miles away from home and we enjoyed a passionate, whirlwind romance.

I just arrived home a week ago and he was already talking about sharing the rest of his life with me while I was there with him.

By staying, I enabled his marriage because I filled in where his marriage failed.

Although he complained about his wife and claimed he only stayed for the kids, he completely lived up to his wife's rules of coming home by 9, NEVER spending the night away and not receiving calls after 8.

Do you know the saying, “You can’t help who you fall in love with?

” This has never been as true as it is for those who find that they are in love with a married woman.

I just grew up and grew tired of the situation after 4 years. I wanted a full time man and I began my search within this world full of men for the perfect one that would be able to be there, ALL of the time. After I got out of that situation which lasted from 19-23, I reconnected with an old flame that I learned had married and had a child since our last connection.

The messed up thing is that like the previous man, I REALLY liked him!

Is it that this woman herself is so special or is it that the timing was just right?

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