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his also parallels with the way that hugs promote the relaxation response -- they help to change the way your body handles both physical and social stresses, thus boosting your immune system naturally, to do the job it was designed to do!

In a shooting caught on Facebook Live, a 2-year-old boy and a 26-year-old man were killed and a pregnant woman was wounded when a gunman opened fire as they drove down an alley in Lawndale on Tuesday afternoon, authorities said."Call 911! In the video, the couple are singing along to music when several shots are fired at the car.

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"We have very promising leads, we have video," Johnson said.

"There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll find him."The boy was the second child to die Tuesday from Chicago gunfire.

Hugs make you feel good for a reason and it's not just the loving embrace that gives us that warm feeling in our hearts. It affects the entire body to such an extent that many scientists claim it is equivalent to the effect of many different drugs operating on the body simultaneously.

Even seemingly trivial instances of interpersonal touch can help people deal with their emotions with clarity and more effectively. REDUCE WORRY OF MORTALITY In a study on fears and self-esteem, research published in the journal revealed that hugs and touch significantly reduce worry of mortality.

Procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of enthusiasm are linked with low levels of dopamine and hugs are said to adjust those levels.

Dopamine is responsible for giving us that feel-good feeling, and it's also responsible for motivation!New research from the University of California suggests that it has a similarly civilizing effect on human males, making them more affectionate and better at forming relationships and social bonding.And it dramatically increased the libido and sexual performance of test subjects.Dopamine sensors are the areas that many stimulating drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine target.The presence of a certain kinds of dopamine receptors are also associated with sensation-seeking. STIMULATES SEROTONIN Serotonin flows when you feel significant or important.More frequent partner hugs and higher oxytocin levels are linked to lower blood pressure and heart rate.

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