relaxed phylogenetics and dating with confidence plos biology - Htc sense friend stream not updating

Seven homescreen panes is all you get though theres no add or delete option.With all those widgets (which are quite useful too) youll want to keep all of them anyway.The main menu has a tabbed layout similar to different Sense elements (such as the phonebook).

You can set different sorting options - alphabetically, most recent or oldest - but you can't rearrange them manually.

There's a list layout, where two-finger alphabet scrolling is enabled.

In the widget section, both types of widgets (custom HTC and stock Android) are placed on the same page.

There are so many of them you may find the seven homescreen panes short.

For instance, the Work scene has a Stocks widget, while the Social offers a Twitter widget. You select a Scene within a fancy-looking 3D card interface.

You can modify existing scenes (older Sense versions prompted you to save modifications as a new scene) and you can get more scenes off the HTC Hub.

You can download new widgets off the Market or the HTC Hub.

When you select a widget you are prompted to choose between several versions most widgets have at least two styles.

You can access the others from the Personalize menu.

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