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I am pleased to say that it all seemed to work successfully.

However, it was just Money 2005 (plus the patch) on a 32 bit version of Windows, and I've not tried any other versions.

Seth, who warns to proceed with caution if you encounter this type of mate.

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Maybe it's a commitment issue or the person wants you to know that it’s nothing serious, but either way you shouldn't waste your time on someone who can't find time to see you.

When a person is interested they'll be very definitive in terms of where your next meeting will take place — and they won't be flakey.

Even if your partner is totally legit, and just being secretive, this kind of behavior can lead you to become insecure about the status of your relationship and leave you wondering what they're really up to. Unless they’re planning an epic and romantic surprise for you, there’s just no reason to be this shady.

This one is tricky, and dating has changed tremendously over the last few decades.

You don’t need someone to hold a door open, always pick up the tab, or make all the first moves, but being chivalrous and thoughtful still has its merits.

Take note, but don’t push, and remember if they’re worth it, you can always ask them to make these gestures if you desire them.

Seth says, are red flags that shouldn't go unnoticed and could endanger your safety and mental wellbeing.

If the person you're seeing has difficulty sticking to a plan in conjunction with setting up dates, that's a major sign that something isn't right.

I know that this must get easier, but is there like a FAQ or something for idiots like me?

I may have to buy Microsoft Money 2005 For Dummies…

Beware of needy companions and maintain your independence, or else you risk the inevitable —"When couples do everything together, one or both always secretly starts to resent the other," Dr. Perhaps, hypothetically speaking, the person you're seeing gets uncomfortable when you talk on the phone with your friends or family.

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