Hepatitis c dating indiana

Exactly how this appalling human crisis happened here, in this particular town, has not been fully explained.

I’d arrived in Scott County a week previously to find Austin not exactly desolate.

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Darren smoked his first joint when he was 12 and quickly moved on to snorting pills.

“By the time I was 13, I was a full-blown pill addict, and I have been ever since,” he said. When I asked where his care givers were when he started using drugs, he laughed.

In the streets either side of it, though, modest ranch houses were interspersed among shacks and mobile homes.

Some lawns were well-tended, but many more were not. Others had porches filled with junk – washing machines, furniture, toys, stacks of old magazines. Teenage and twenty-something girls walked the streets selling sex.

Describing HIV and hepatitis C as concurrent implies they are separable and independent.

But Singer’s work with the Hartford drug users suggested that such separation was impossible.

The term syndemics was coined by Merrill Singer, a medical anthropologist at the University of Connecticut.

Singer was working with injecting drug users in Hartford in the 1990s in an effort to find a public health model for preventing HIV among these individuals.

“They’re the ones that was giving them to me,” he alleged. Jessica and Darren have never known a life of family dinners, board games and summer vacations. He sat in a burgundy recliner, scratching at his arms and pulling the leg rest up and down.

“They’re pill addicts, too.” Darren was 13 when he started taking pills, which he claims were given to him by an adult relative. Their house was in better shape than many others I’d seen, but nothing in it was theirs. The kind of multigenerational drug use he was describing was not uncommon in their town, Austin, in southern Indiana.

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