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"}},"site Type":"responsive web","start Muted":false,"start Time":0,"title":"What Escaped The Fang Center In Far Cry 5?- Gameplay","tracking":[,,,,],"tracking Account":"cbsigamespotsite","tracking Cookie":"XCLGFbrowser","tracking Primary Id":"cbsigamespotsite","tracking Site Code":"gs","user Id":0,"uvp Hi5Ima":"https:\/\/\/instream\/html5\/ima3.js","uvpc":"","video Ad Mobile Partner":"mobile_web/gamespot.com_mobile","video Ad Partner":"desktop/","video Asset Source":"Game Spot","video Streams":,"video Type":"video-on-demand","watched Cookie Days":1,"watched Cookie Name":"watched Video Ids"}" While the Far Cry series once focused on the high-octane exploits of westerners mingling with the locals of foreign lands, the shoe is now on the other foot with the US setting of Far Cry 5.

Can you talk about how your experience working on past games prepared you for Far Cry 5?

You've had experience on other open-world games, but this one is so tonally different from your past work.

Bryk: And of course there's also some kick-ass moments throughout the game. You can still shoot s***, dogs and bears attack people, and there's airplanes--but there's also the heart of the game, quietly beating underneath all of that.

Was it challenging trying to balance those tense and extremely dark moments with the sort of standard video-gamey action beats? When you look back at 3 and 4, it is that chaotic and dark story running through, but also fighting tigers and bears with a rocket-launcher.

One that you could take the hero's journey and take the cult down, or the message could resonate with you and strike a chord with you.

Holmes: One that will linger long after you put down the controller.

Perhaps you've seen him in numerous other tv & film roles over the years, or are simply a fan of his poetry?

Regardless of the where, when, or how, we are delighted to welcome you to Greg Bryk Online.

And as a father in real-life, sometimes your kids want--sometimes you know what's right, and they don't.

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