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However, the written language of the Maya is neither Hebrew or Egyptian – the only two languages mentioned in the text.Mayan is as unrelated to Hebrew or Egyptian as Chinese is to Latin.These have been met with skepticism, overwhelming bias and even contempt by archaeological and scientific communities.

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Many of those critical of the Church have pointed to the lack of written Hebrew language in the America’s as evidence against the historicity of the Book of Mormon.

Some LDS students of the Book of Mormon contend that the rather sophisticated glyph language system of the Maya civilization in Mesoamerica is evidence that the Book of Mormon history occurred there.

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Since the coming forth of the Book of Mormon there has never been more profound evidence of its authenticity than today.

30th, 2013, forensic geologist Scott Wolter (pictured above) traveled to Newark, Ohio to meet with Ohio State University professor J.

Huston Mc Culloch to conduct an analysis of the famed Newark Holy Stones held in the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum.This has been well documented in the film, (see bookstore).Until now there has been no verification or acceptance of any of these artifacts bearing Hebrew inscriptions as being ancient, authentic or linguistically accurate. A Second Validation of Ancient Hebrew, Confirming its Use in America’s Heartland In June and November of 1860 respected Licking County, (Newark), Ohio surveyor, David Wyrick, unearthed two stones bearing Hebrew inscriptions. Upon translation it was found to be a complete rendition of the 10 commandments.Recent scientific verifications of several sites and artifacts – numbering eight as of this writing – now establish that people with a knowledge of ancient Hebrew written language and culture were in America during Book of Mormon time frames!Read on for the entire history making story…the case for Book of Mormon written language in America’s Heartland!It was mistakenly thought that the only literate culture in the Americas were the Maya of Mesoamerica, but scholars know that the Mayan glyph system originated from Asiatic writing systems, which have nothing to do with either of the languages specified by the Book of Mormon – thus eliminating any linguistic connection between the Maya and the Nephites.

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