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Within this 4 years of studies, college often delay the paying time.Obviously that the college used our money to make their bussiness ‘turn over’. PTPTN sent warning letters to the college and that took no effects…

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We graduated on may 2004, now is mid of 2005, yet we din ……… N the conclusion was the college should refund to students the loan balance within 2 weeks times, which the exact date should be 26 of april 2005 or else the PTPTn will stop the new application of college’s new students. I know (at least)two complaint on Dataran mantin on that portal already been deleted. Probably the cencership only do screening for Dataran Mantin, not Kolej Lagenda. ) However, for play save, I also make a snapshoot on that post. Only need to click this if somehow the original complaint is deleted, of online-consumer site not accessible (which happen sometimes). Just wonder if the samething happen at Institute Putra.

On the 26 of april, one of my fren called ptptn(as the college ppl agreed to send the cheque to ptptn, n we students will take the cheque from there) , the answer return was the college person inform PTPTN that they have no money to pay…u believe it?

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