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The women will probably even be given the vote or some such tommyrot. Sir Percival Ignatius Biggott-Smythe Dear All, Since a major part of all our online (and possibly even offline) existences is spent engaging in debate with various types of people.I was curious about a few things.1) What actually motivates us to do this?At least in my field of organic chemistry academics are pretty intelligent!

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The other option of course is that he is a parody, deliberately designed to rile the scientists.

GOP is clearly someone who knows how to find the literature he wants (it appears he can't read it for comprehension however) on biological subjects.

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They gave VASTLY too much time to the IDCist nonsense and presented it as plausible.

Dawkins and the Kitzmiller decisions were almost inserted as afterthoughts, Miller came off well however.

So my third question is:3) What is the basis for the extremes of what I can only call "kookery" that we encounter?

Lastly, I am currently experiencing a large amount of anger, and general boredom with the whole creationist/ID nitwittery.

We have perfectly polite, curious people come to places like PT and discuss aspects of science and culture etc.

We also get (and I am sorry to name names) people like "Ghost of Paley" who is clearly intelligent enough to google a few articles and string some words together but who is either a parody or so deliberately self deluding as to be beyond professional help. We see this depth of "belief" and "faith" based extremism in many spheres, politics, spirituality, even mangement!

He appears to know enough general science to be able to quote at least vaguely relevant things (his predictions leave a lot to be desired by modern standards however). This isn't a "gosh those people are smart therefore they must be right" leading question.

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