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The second method that can help you to unblock websites in using https instead of http when you are trying to surf some website.

Pros and Cons of using https instead of http to open blocked site this is free- Works only for some sites- Cannot help in many cases Another way to unblock sites in countries with Internet filtering in using Browser extension.

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If you are located in Qatar and connect to Internet using one of country’s Internet service providers you get Qatar IP address and all restrictions work for you.

In case you can hide your real IP address you can avoid censorship.

Before considering the solutions how you can unblock sites in Qatar we need to understand how internet limits work in this country.

Internet censorship in Qatar is mainly based on country’s IP address.

Qatar one of the most connected countries in Gulf region, but Internet use is censored. According to Reporters Without Borders , Qtel (Qatar Telecom — government telecommunications service provider )A U. State Department Human Rights report said that the government of Qatar censors the Internet through a proxy server that monitors and blocks Web sites, e-mail, and chat rooms through the state-owned ISP.

Social and Internet tools like: Youtube Facebook Skype Viber Whats App Blogging platforms Tumblr E-mail services Political and conflict/security areas Political filtering is limited, but journalists usually avoid reporting on sensitive issues.

There are many extensions for some well known browsers like Chrome and Firefox which can help you to mask your IP address and open blocked sites. Pros and Cons of using browser extensions: can help to access blocked sites- Can collect some information from your browser-Not safe- Not secure- Require additional software of your computer Some people use special software like unblockers to avoid on-line censorship.

There are many software solutions which mask your IP address and in such way help to access blocked content.

This is very risky and hazardous because you cannot be sure what this software is doing on your computer besides unblocking websites.

It can collect your passwords of other sensitive information. Pros and Cons of using third party software: unblock blocked websites- Can steal some information from your computer or mobile device-Not safe-Not secure-Require additional software of your computer Using unblocking software is not safe for your privacy!

VPN is usually the fastest, safest and the most reliable solution that works in 99.99% of cases.

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