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The biggest passion-killer of all was tiredness, a reason 72 per cent of women said they had given their partners, followed by feeling unattractive (34 per cent), illness (33 per cent) and stress (32 per cent).

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Nutritionists have expressed concern over a dangerous new fad diet which bans everything but water, tea and coffee, it was reported this week.

Water Fasting involves trying to lose weight by eating no food and only taking in the three beverages.

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This gentle, tender and award-winning Indian comedy follows the ordeal of an over-worked modern son forced to accompany his 77-year-old father to the holy city of Varanasi, where he plans to end his days.

Richard Kelly's astounding debut feature is a mix of stylish eighties veneer and existential horror starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the troubled teen who is haunted by a giant rabbit prophesying the apocalypse.

Even the leading weight loss companies admit that studies show that around 85 per cent of people who lose weight on a diet will put all that weight back on.

Far from being helpful in losing weight long term, dieting may well be the cause of women with weight loss issues remaining overweight!

Dr Hood added: ‘Libido is a mixture of physical and psychological factors – it’s different for every woman, but there are many ways to rediscover it.

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