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As we develop, we engage with the world around us using all our senses.Imagine yourself at 2 or 3, crawling around in a grassy field on a summer day.

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The difference is, that can be washed off, and sexual shame penetrates the psyche’ and has long lasting impact.

With Sexual abuse, molestation or consistent exposure to adult interactions, (not referring to accidentally walking in on adults engaged in sex), even if the child is not being touched, can contribute to psychological damage.

What is not often taken into consideration is early exposure to pornography and the traumatic impact it may have.

In the generation in which I was raised, pornography was limited primarily to magazines stealthily hidden under mattresses of teen boys, or movies that portrayed images of what I think of us ‘get it on, get it up, get in it, get it off, get it out’ sex.

All these are naturally occurring sensual childhood experiences.

Innocent, playful, delightful and set the stage for cultivating relationships.

Data were collected through a cross-sectional online survey from September through October 2014 from 3 large gay Web portals.

Sociodemographic information, sexual behaviors, and online sex seeking behaviors were measured.

In the case of this now tween-aged girl, she finds it compelling and wants to learn more.

Her parents and therapy team are working together to foster age appropriate curiosity and warning of the dangers. If your child needs treatment, seek therapy for him or her.

Their concern was that she had been abused, which both she and her parents adamantly denied.

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