Executive vegetarian dating service

The presentation details pertinent facts about the Candidate, along with recent photos.With this intelligence, the Client can make an informed decision whether to pursue the match or continue the search.Being self absorbed, having a one way conversation about yourself, and not taking an interest in your date is not appealing.

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We get to know each individual on a very personal level.

We develop Client-approved Benchmarks, which outline the Client’s preferences and deal breakers.

Researchers gathered old college photos of people and rated their smile intensity from one to 10.

None of the people who had ranked in the top 10 percent for smile strength had divorced, while one in four people who fell in the bottom portion had a marriage that had ended.

Billion Dollar Introduction matchmakers and Candidate relations experts conduct personal interviews to screen, and carefully examine each match.

During Vetting, Candidates undergo the same comprehensive assessment that our Clients do, and are only selected if they have maximum compatibility.

This screening process is customized for each Client, and will include necessary inquiries to ascertain important information relevant to the Client’s search.

The Client and Candidate are introduced for a date.

The scoring was based on two muscles: the one that pulls up the mouth, and the muscle that creates the laugh lines around the eyes.

Meeting your mate, a matter of stage in life…or simply hair color?

Men are you wondering why women are not responding to your request for a second date?

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