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Memo to Cisco: There are lots of reasons that folks expect documentation with their equipment. Unzip the file which will give you a configs folder with three files.

Turn your phone over and write down the MAC address which is the number beginning with 00 and consists of 12 hex digits.

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This is because 65 is the development version whose changes are released in the production version 66.

For more information, read our c Panel & WHM Product Versions and the Release Process documentation.

Highlight the desired choice and the phone makes another TFTP connection to download the desired file into your phone. Who in their right mind would ever design an installation system which forces you to keep an insecure TFTP server running on your network all the time? One disgruntled employee with a crossover cable and a notebook computer running TFTPd, and your entire Cisco phone system runs the very real risk of being toast.

Rube Goldberg would be proud of what Cisco engineers have been able to dream up. The problem with Option 66 is that whoever has physical access to your phones can wreak all sorts of havoc since the phones will connect to any available TFTP server.

Holding down the pound key for 10 seconds while the phone reboots and then pressing all 12 buttons on the phone's dialpad (in order), and your phone is now MY PHONE.

And, this is from a company that has been thinking about network security longer than almost anybody.

The good news for Asterisk users is that IF you ever get the 7970 working with your Asterisk system, you'll never go back. And it appears that Cisco has little or no intention to make things much better ever. The Call Manager license adds another 0 to the retail price of each and every phone.

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