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If they do, you'll see buttons under their video broadcast which will allow you to contribute.

You can also "Go Turbo" with your Twitch experience and pay .99 per month for special features and an ad-free experience.

AI solutions are highly accurate, totally personalised and infinitely more scalable than existing solutions.

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Some platforms can be used to broadcast, others allow you to watch and chat. Twitch is available on the following platforms: Web browser: Click here for a list of supported browsers.

You can broadcast, view and chat from a web browser.

Because there are so many options, it's easy to find videos that you're interested in, as well as new friends to chat with as you're watching the videos.

Twitch is available on a wide range of platforms which gives you a wide variety to choose from in terms of how you interact and chat.

STAGE ONE How will AI impact the economy, financial services, healthcare and major industries globally? How will we ensure the benefits are for the many, not just the few?

What is the latest thinking and where are we in modelling scenarios and proving out?

STAGE TWO AI is forcing us to think harder and more precisely about ethics than ever before.

This dedicated stage will dig into the ethical considerations that must be addressed if we are to have a responsible transition to being an AI-driven society.

e.g How can we guard against mistakes and how do we protect against unintended consequences?

STAGE THREE AI technology continues to be more widely adopted each year.

While Twitch allows you to view broadcasts and observe chats without having an account, you must sign up and log in in order to perform certain functions, including participating in chats, following broadcasters that you like, and broadcasting videos yourself.

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