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Your Character must be at least level 10 to access the Mission. Once there, head to the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the fleet and seek out Pargon Sisto, the Stronghold Commissioner.Right click Pargon to receive the Mission “Introduction to Strongholds.” His Mission will require you to purchase a Stronghold and travel to it.EARN GALACTIC REWARDS Start a new character and master challenges to earn increasingly more epic rewards – Choose your path to Legendary beginning June 28!

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To track your progress, simply look at your character’s current level, listed next to your portrait.

Once your Character reaches level 25, you will receive the Achievement “Dark vs Light: The Story Begins” to note that you have completed this objective. Light event, you must use a character created on or after June 28, 2016.

To complete the objective “The Story Begins”, you must take a Dark vs.

Light event character and gain enough experience to gain Character level 25.

Light event character and complete the main story for the Shadow of Revan Expansion.

To start the Shadow of Revan expansion you must be level 55.

HEROIC LEVEL REWARDS: Below you will find each objective required to complete the Legacy Tier of the Dark vs. You will know if your character is participating in the event if they have the following icon present on the Character Select screen.

To complete the objective “The Story Continues,” you must take a Dark vs.

(Note: Once you have begun Fallen Empire you will be unable to complete certain content, this includes Shadow of Revan and the Ziost storyline which are required for other Dark vs.

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