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Our children have continued to be nurtured in our faith by attending St.

Joan of Arc School and accredited Blue Ribbon School.

Our family has made so many wonderful lifelong friends in our time here that we feel truly blessed.

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I love our church and continue to enjoy learning about Catholicism, now, at St. Joan of Arc because we wanted our children to attend Catholic Schools.

Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach where I attend classes with many future priests and deacons.” January 7, 2018 “We have been parishioners at St. From the very beginning of our family faith journey, we have met amazing families that share our same Catholic values.

Above all we are touched by the great concern our parish displays for the needs of its parishioners and community.

Outreach and service to individuals in need is a huge part of our parish.

The curriculum not only sets high standards on education but also strong morals and values, thanks to Principal Sister Ellen.

Beyond the classroom, Tessie O’Dea has been an inspiration through the youth program which fostered our children with spiritual retreats and social events. Joan of Arc has been our parish where we have enjoyed much fellowship with many other parishioners during our family’s joyous times, but also have been a tremendous support in our family’s challenging times. Joan of Arc during a period of confusion and indecision in my young adult years. My family’s lives are so full of the close friendships we have made at St Joan of Arc. Being involved is wonderful, but also the sense of love and community and knowing we are a part of a strong church helps me keep my faith. Joan of Arc is there to help me get through it all.To my surprise, not only did I find a spiritual home, but also a renewal in my Catholic faith. Joan of Arc parish community was very inspiring and welcoming. His warm Pittsburgh personality and homilies always made me feel good to start the week. When I enter church for Mass I feel like my weekly stress is lifted.The teachers are wonderful, and we consider the friends we have made our family. I love the fact that my children are able to pray at school, and that they belong in a community where religion is valued. Joan, and as soon as my youngest is old enough, he will continue the tradition. Joan of Arc parishioners for 8 years Church is not just a building but also a community of believers in Jesus Christ and more. Joan’s School and my sister introduced us to this parish. Immaculata, I became involved in the Religious Education Program. Every year, I love watching the children grow in faith. Joan of Arc where I met my incredible wife Chris who also was a volunteer.There is something new to learn about my faith each year. It was the parish where we shared our memorable wedding vows and where our five children were baptized into the Catholic Faith.I have never had a parochial experience comparable to that and I am happy to have joined the St. Throughout the years, I have been involved in many different ministries. A family that prays together stays together I’ve been told. It seems I’ve been doing just that in our chapel as long as it’s been there. Joan’s with ministries to work with others, social events to eat, sometimes dance and sometimes for special concerts or other special programs. I have Bible Study to attend on Sundays, There is the CCW with social events almost once a month during the school year and our circle meetings. Joan’s is a wonderful combination of an active social and prayerful life.

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