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Nowadays, people use the Internet to meet new friends and keep up our existing relationships through instant messaging, blogging, e-mail, social networking sites, and chatrooms, to name a few.

It only makes sense that more and more people would now also use the Internet to find dates and new significant others.

However, this can be seen as a benefit, because after talking online for awhile, people won’t necessarily be so nervous if they do decide to take it to the next level and meet in person.

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A variety of dating websites, such as Match.com, e Harmony.com, JDate.com, and many others, make it somewhat easy to find a supposed perfect match.

They let a person put in any number of criteria to narrow down their search for the perfect person.

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This gives a person as much time as they want to figure out if they are even interested in the other person, without putting to much pressure on either party.

Unfortunately, this also makes Internet dating somewhat impersonal and it takes a lot of the nervousness and fun out of the beginning of relationships.

Through personal stories from friends, in magazines, newspapers, and online, it has been learned that these Internet dating profiles can, at times, be deceiving.

A person’s picture can be one that was taken years earlier when, perhaps, the person was younger, thinner, had more hair, etc.

Our parents and grandparents didn’t have the internet, as we do now, to find their spouse or significant other; they went out, met their partner, and found love outside of the home.

Rebecca Miller said on a DB posting, “If all we did was what our mothers did, then the world and its customs would not evolve.” Nowadays, in our fast-paced and online world, people are changing the dating tradition; they are using the Internet to find love.

The picture on a person’s profile can mislead someone to be interested in that person based on attraction alone, and then a relationship has already been established on lies.

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