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Although California has always been a community property state - one of nine states dividing marital assets equally at divorce - the court said a 1984 law added the requirement of a written agreement to give one spouse sole ownership of something bought with marital funds.

Previously, ownership could be changed by oral agreement, a subject of frequent disputes during divorce proceedings, Justice Joyce Kennard said in the court's opinion.

The Af D's strong criticism of the German government's refugee policies granting protection to people from mainly Muslim-majority countries in part helped the party grow in success in state parliament elections in recent years amid discontent with the handling of the refugee crisis.

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Check out the video ( & see them w/@iam Val C here on May 6th!

💃 FSNa6Hn J Agree or disagree you should feel proud that young kids are actually standing up for themselves. If you have any pride in your country, this is an awesome moment. Take a moment and connect with them instead Even if you do have a counter argument that’s worth a listen, how can you possibly be so insensitive and speak with such snark and condescendence? These are kids that are hurt and are actually doing something about it.

Bob Egelko is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.

[email protected] C and @Peta Murgatroyd appeared on @Homeand Family TV to discuss their upcoming Confidential tour.

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Note 1: As we have no simple way to check if a year has Feb-29th and I am lazy in checking if a month has the 31st, a day presented as an invalid 29th, 30th or 31st, that would not be caught by the validity check, will be pushed to the next month. Instead, the function nvl2() is not lazy and cannot be used instead. " is a digit by using regular expression, and then validates the month (the first "??

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Current surveys now show them at between 7-9 percent - still enough to make it past the 5 percent threshold to gain seats in the Bundestag (German parliament) after they failed to meet the mark in their first election in 2013.

Chimpanzees — ‘Ruma and Vali are a mother and son living in a private safari park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – a world away from the vast forests of western and central Africa where their species once thrived.

The leading state candidate for the Af D in the national election, Christian Wirth, has distanced himself from both women, saying that the generalization and denigration of an entire religion is “not permissible”.

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