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When you finally agree on a movie to watch, you’re counting down the hour and a half until you can go back to that book that you like so much.You do anything you can to avoid spending actual time with them, because you feel uncomfortable and awkward around them.

Sometimes you have to bite a bad apple to know what a rotten one tastes like.

Getting to your breaking point with one man will make it easier to identify if and when you’re coming close to the edge the second time around.

If you’re single, you’ve probably gone through hell in the dating world.

Investing your time in guys who don’t follow through after a first date.

While you may meet again in years to come, you’re only going to resent each other if you prevent the other from doing what they want.

You’d rather read the book, he’d rather watch the film – and you don’t fancy doing either together.

For some reason, you think the mood would be dampened if you were to invite your partner out to join you and your friends.

Sometimes you simply avoid asking them because you know they wouldn’t want to join you either.

Stop investing your emotions in men who refuse to give you the love, security, and consistency that you deserve.

Finally, stop beating yourself up for attracting the wrong men. If you consistently find yourself in relationships with liars, cheaters, addicts, leeches, or commitmentphobes, your job isn’t to get them to stop lying, cheating, drinking, mooching or committing. At a certain point, it’s not his fault for being fundamentally flawed.

Yes, as a dating coach, I am very fluent in the way you can allow your optimism to override your realism when it comes to love. Loving and losing can hurt far more than never loving at all.

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