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OLD MARRIED GUY: You mean when she's more into it than you are? OLD MARRIED GUY: I guess there are girls who are actually into sports. I admit: there's something off about a girl in a football jersey. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Well, last year I was dating a girl, and I invited her over to watch a Jets game.

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The whole time she pretended to really be into the game, but it was just embarrassing. OLD MARRIED GUY: I bet it's tough for a girl to figure this out, though. It make sense, on paper, that you'd want her to act super into the Jets game.

Yet it's actually pretty annoying unless she's actually a Jets fan.

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Politics has become a contentious issue for single men and women looking for love.

A survey released by Tinder last year found that 71 percent of online daters consider differing politics to be a deal breaker, as compared to 66 percent of singles who don’t date online.

OLD MARRIED GUY: Plus you won't want her watching the game with you, anyway. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: It's not pretty when I'm watching a game. Usually I do it in the company of a few friends and a lot of whiskey. OLD MARRIED GUY: So were you annoyed your friend brought his girlfriend to the Super Bowl? A Super Bowl party barely qualifies as a sporting event.

More like a how much dip and chips can we eat without feeling disgustingly embarrassed event. He lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his wife and daughter. He lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his roommate and his best friend's Netflix account.

In order to contact someone, you have to pay a .55 monthly membership, the 55 being an homage to the year the Anaheim park first opened.

Are you a Disney fanatic searching for your very own Mickey or Minnie? And if you're headed to Austin this weekend, there's a meet-up, too.

OLD MARRIED GUY: I wonder if girls feel this way, too.

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