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Yes, Men Struggle With Body Image Issues, Too: Here's My Story Is Picky Eating an Eating Disorder?Serial arguing has been linked to relational difficulties.It's important to take ownership for your role in the silent treatment though, since placing blame usually doesn't do much to improve the state of your relationship.

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This will then lead your partner to feel the same way and you're caught in a never ending power struggle, with a side of resentment.

Interestingly, women are more likely than men to be the demanders in the demand-withdrawal cycle, when it comes to the silent treatment. Even though the researcher didn't look into this factor, I'm guessing that women are probably overwhelmed or want their partner to help them relieve their stress (which are where the demands come from), while men just see this behavior as incessant nagging that doesn't need to be addressed.

The self-demand/partner-withdraw pattern was positively related to experiencing intrusive thoughts and feelings about the episode, attempts to avoid such thoughts and feelings, a hyperaroused state, and disruption of everyday activities.

Individuals who were originally confronted by their partners report that their partners demanded they change and they withdraw, and this pattern was repeated in typical episodes.

A meta-analysis (when a large body of research on a topic is analyzed to find common threads and patterns) was conducted on this current research.

Collectively, these studies showed that giving your romantic partner the silent treatment is one of the quickest ways to doom your relationship.After all, women still do the majority of the housework, even when both partners work full-time. To break free of the silent treatment, talk it out.Researchers suggest finding a time other than the middle of a heated argument to address this pattern in your relationship. Obrigada pela confiança e pelo reconhecimento sincero que sempre me dirigiu. Obrigada por ter orientado os meus passos com entusiasmo e por ter apoiado a minha vontade de ir mais além.Have you ever been in an argument with your partner where instead of talking through the issue, you decided to give him or her the silent treatment? Sometimes just ignoring the person who is making you want to lose your mind is easier than hashing it out!

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