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This typical Ukrainian pattern is often found on tablecloths, napkins, and , a Christmas bread given to members of the household during the traditional meal.

The population is comprised mainly of Ukrainians and Russians, and the official language is Ukrainian, a musical and poetic language similar to Russian and influenced by Polish.

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Many have religious or Biblical names or are inspired by the sky, stars or heavens.

A lot of block names are taken from their geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, squares and diamonds.

An example of that is the v, social gatherings taking place in the fall and winter during which folk songs are sung, jokes told and food served to visitors.

Their folk art is rich and colourful and Ukrainians love decorating their clothing with intricate red and black embroidery.

Other celebrations dating back to pagan times include the Maslyantsya, the celebration of the end of winter, and Ivan Kupala night, the summer solstice.

Ukrainians are known for forming strong friendships and hospitality is regarded as a sacred duty.

Quite a few are named after flowers, roses in particular.

Vegetables, birds, insects and animals have their turn, as do inanimate objects, especially household objects.

Sprigs of wheat gently cradle the trident and are reminiscent of a time when Ukraine was known as ‘the breadbasket of Europe’ because of the quantity and quality of grain produced.

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