Dating potentiometers

However over the past few years "actual value" was bringing a smaller percentage of the appraisal value than three or four years ago when the economy was better.

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Usually this was on the back of the headstock and they just wrote their name.

Apparently writing down the serial number was way more trouble than writing your name on the instrument back then.

People fearful of losing their jobs are not apt to buy $8,000 vintage 1954 P-Bass.

The past two years has been a better time to buy a vintage instrument than to sell one as prices have been depressed and buyers few. The fact that the actual final values on vintage bass transactions are rising is a sure sign that the recession is either ending or in fact is already over.

My advice is not to buy a celebrity signed anything, vintage or otherwise, without authentication that the autograph is in fact genuine or proof that it is the artist's signature.

Proof could be a photograph of the artist signing the instrument or a photo of the owner with the celebrity while he is signing it is even better.A letter from the original owner detailing the chain of ownership is also important and it should be notarized.Defacing a vintage instrument is never a good idea, as even an authentic signature will usually hurt the collector value.With very few exceptions every artist's fame fades over time, but instruments can endure indefinitely far outliving most artists' popularity or collectability.I've seen vintage instruments that owners actually wrote THEIR OWN NAME on to identify it as theirs. It said, "BOBBY PRESSLAR, Rt 2, Wadesboro, NC," which I took to mean, "If you find my bass, would you please mail it back to me?The following sites will help identify your color: - Gruhn Guitars of Nashville operates one of the most reputable, highly regarded and knowledgeable guitar appraisal services.

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