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I want to hire a SAGA Certified Guide for a Client I want information about Hiring a Guide & Travel Tips for Georgia I want the latest SAGA news, events, & trainings available I’m interested in joining the association/becoming a guide Monthly Seminars – June 2016 In spite of a highly active season, we’re so pleased that our association members still find time to attend our monthly seminars!In June, SAGA in cooperation with Georgian National Library hosted a seminar about local Georgian grape varieties and traditional Georgian viticulture, which was lead by Nikoloz Natroshvili (Head of Alco-laboratory in GWS wine factory).

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After the revolution, World War II, Stalin, and the KGB, Russia has a serious male/female imbalance.

I do not know the exact ratio, but I have heard anywhere from 45/55 to 35/65 as the male to female ratio over the past 100 years.

…” “This feature is characteristic not only for Russian men but also for women, … I like this article saying that Russian men attempt to treat women like princesses, and at least before marriage, cater to their girlfriend’s wishes.

Let’s start with the fact that Russian men sometimes are very generous. Inspired by the heroic characters of Dostoevsky or Pushkin, many women regard dating a Russian men as a unique and exotic…” Rather a controversial picture. “But the Russian man, alone with his friends is almost always a hooligan!

Don’t forget, that wine-tourism season is about to come, so get ready!

You will have a lot of opportunities to receive more information about wine from SAGA’s monthly seminars!

Many cheat and/or beat on their wives, treating them like they should be happy they have a man at all.

The strange thing is, the women happy just to have a man, for men are rare here.

Russian men can accept many flaws in a woman and won’t give up on her easily, even if his friends or family are against her.

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