Dating hohner harmonicas

Crain also has walking sticks and postcards with built-in harmonicas.

“Companies went out of their way to enhance the harmonica,” says Crain, president of Harmonica Collectors International and editor of the club’s newsletter.

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I was given a great gift by my wife a month ago: a 1930's Chromonica 260 It has the six pointed star on the bottom cover plate and all the reeds function and seem in tune.

It has the old style slide mechanism rather than the checkerboard style. There are, however, 3 things that bother me a bit: 1. I didn't realize that early Chromonicas were like this. The windsavers are made out of leather and some of the ones on the inside of the reed plates are a little stiff and not performing their intended function.

“I like to collect ones that have some history,” says Crain, 74, plucking a 1910 Pipeolion, a harmonica outfitted with 10 small brass trumpets, from an antique display case in the basement of his home in Chesterfield, Mo. Crain’s collection includes three basic kinds of harmonicas: 10-hole diatonic instruments favored by blues, country and pop musicians; tremolos that produce an echo effect for folk music; and 12-note chromatics designed for classical and jazz.

Among Crain’s many mouth organs, which date from the 1870s, are harmonicas shaped like cigars, compasses, cylindrical coin banks, Babe Ruth’s wooden bat, triangles and zeppelins.

“He learned to play while on a troop ship headed for Europe during World War II.” Though Crain’s harmonica-playing skills are rudimentary, his appreciation for the small but mighty instrument is indisputable.

“I tell people you don’t have to be a painter to collect a Rembrandt,” he says.The Bob Dylan Signature Series is a product of the world’s most popular harmonica brand, Hohner.Bob Dylan’s influence in the harmonica world singles him out to be the focus of the 151 years old instrument manufacturer.An incomparable harmonica work of Bob Dylan on “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are a Changin'” is recognized as a monumental success for all harmonica generations. the way the harmonica is positioned in your mouth . Some credits to Bob Dylan: * 11 Grammy Awards * A Lifetime Achievement Award * Rock & Roll hall of Fame * 2008 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation * Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame * Songwriters Hall of Fame JP Allen instructions: “The most important good habit for beginners . “I tell groups that it’s the only instrument where you blow and draw to make music,” he says, explaining how air causes the harp’s thin metal reeds, which are tuned to different notes, to vibrate and produce sound.

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