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The question shouldn’t be whether you should play the games.

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He has some good excuse, too busy, work, family commitments. The woman now feels relieved, and the man now has the upper hand.

The problem is that this can grow into a form of emotional abuse, and can cover some serious control issues the man is facing.

The problem with dating games is that they are often hide emotional problems, which can lead to a devastating break up. I am not saying that patting a man’s ego can’t be fun.

Instead of playing games, take time to get to know yourself and learn what you want out of a relationship. But deceptive games will always lead to problems in a future relationship.

The last game I am going to list here is ‘playing the field.’ This man’s ego is inflated.

He believes he is doing you a favour by dating you.Dos and Donts of Dating Games Do be Yourself Don’t down play your intelligence or achievements Do be honest about who you are Don’t compromise your integrity or beliefs Do set boundaries Don’t tolerate excuses or lies Do expect to be treated well Don’t trick yourself into believing that one sided relationships work Do respect yourself Don’t get caught in another person’s ego trip Do have fun Don’t worry about making a mistake or saying something wrong The most important thing to be is ‘you.’ There are far worse things than being lonely.Playing dating games, or allowing another, can result in ending up in the wrong relationship.It amazed me how many people fear doing the wrong thing. Women play more mind games then men do, but men are better at it because most don’t recognize their behaviour as a mind game.The same questions continually pop up in the forums, and in coaching sessions. What is the proper etiquette when it comes to letting a man know I am interested? To flirt or not to flirt To make matters worse there are the dating games. Dating Games Men Play The first game men play is often called the ‘three day rule’.The thing is – these men can take you places you’ve never been before. This person wants to have their emotions fed without giving you anything back.

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