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Yes, they say, “live in the present”, but the future is important also.

You have to ask this question to get a clear understanding as to what someone has planned for the future.

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Speed dating involves gathering of a large number of people, belonging to both the sexes.

Men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short "dates", which last for a few minutes.

Thus, it is very necessary for you to ask the right questions, so that you get all the information that matters.

In order to help you out, we have provided the best questions for a speed dating game, in the lines below.

By asking this question, you will determine if this person matches your ambitious spirit.

Being passionate about something shows that the person can bring that same passion to a relationship.

The best part about speed dating is that no one can truly know who you are, unless you decide to continue the process of getting to know someone on a more personal level.

However, it is important that you go into speed dating with an open mind.

Thus, the true purpose of this question is to pay attention to the way in which the person talks about where they are from and the pride or lack of pride they feel while talking about it. Most people tend to light up when they are asked to talk about what they are passionate about.

This question allows you to feel the amazing energy someone may have for that one thing that gives them a zest for life.

Let’s face it, no one wants to date someone who has nothing going on. Most of us seek people who can teach us new things and bring new things to the table.

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