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If, however, we start taking some action, then there is a greater likelihood that one action will lead to another and we will continue doing more. We can also read the verse to mean that it is the "I" that stands between God and you.

Indeed, many commentaries make the illuminating interpretation that the ego not only forms the barrier between God and people, but it also separates us from our fellow men and women.

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Our approach, therefore, is to conduct ourselves calmly, objectively and professionally, but forcefully, focusing on your objectives.

We keep our eyes on the long term, on the new life that is awaiting you.

Our secret is no secret at all: we aim to obtain the results that you seek. When we conclude, you will have an understanding of your legal options. Call the respected attorneys at Atkinson & Kelsey in Albuquerque at 505-883-3070 or contact our law firm online.

Many firms offer “free consultations” that last just a few minutes.

Self-centeredness renders us unable to empathize with others - to share in their distress or participate in their success.

When we are completely preoccupied with ourselves, we lack the time and capacity to be attentive to others, and barriers to communication inevitably develop.

We also help couples to plan ahead with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

With roots reaching back more than 40 years, we are the original New Mexico family law firm.

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When the Arab Legion placed a siege on the Old City, Rabbi Mintzberg negotiated a cease-fire with the Jordanians to allow the civilians to leave.

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