Dating drought

Legally though I am not allowed to hook it into the mains water supply to the house. So I have a separate line to kitchen and laundry only, and cold water at that.

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Anything that helps the environment and us in the long term *We have been in autralia for a little over 200 years..

I am sure i once heard that scientests found evidence of a drought that lasted 500yrs.i cant find anything to back it i can honestly remember driving thru Mackay and hearing on the radio , the drought fund-raising concert will be called off due to flooding I love a sunburnt country(hums)Droughts and Flooding Rains Did anyone see a doco on the ABC about the guy who had a farm and proved that modern waterways create erosion and arid soils?

anyway everytime we have a huge earthquake or volcanos decide to go nuts the mass amount of movement and force on the teptonic plates is causing the earth to rotate on its axis, the say the boxing day one made the earth tilt back 3degrees on its own.

they have put down the seasons being later due to this, they recon this happens everytime there is a major echological disturbance and explains things like the ice age and the got hit by meteor=earth tilts to the other side of axis, over heat, then nature counters ice age, earth hit by another meteor=earth tilts, major earthquake, earth tilts a little, another krakotoa could cause a tilt of 10%.

I think also the governments should make water tanks compulsory to all new homes.

I don't know enough about the diseases it may store, but haven't farmers been using water tanks forever and I never heard of any problems with the farmers.

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On the news tonight they held a conference in Bendigo (vic) about the emergency water supply, apparently regional victoria again faces severe droughts again.

Has anyone ever been to Fraser Island the lakes are so pure because of natural recycling that occurs...

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