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Many have to attend classes in their new countries where teaching is done in a very different way from what they are used to.

They may feel uncomfortable and nervous and under pressure to achieve.

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In most cases, although not all, the women will not speak Spanish and the Dominican man has to learn English.

This will not always be easy, and puts extra pressure on him, especially if he is not used to learning.

Few time pressures, lots of laughs, no appointments to go and see people as you just call in, drinking at the colmado.

Imagine how a Dominican man feels when he experiences stress for the first time. I remember my husband once asking me, when he was working very hard, that he felt strange and was that ‘estress’. Stress leads to anger Many Dominican men have temper issues – although you may rarely see them.

There is a major cultural difference between Dominicans and people from more developed countries and it is that difference that we women fall for.

However, understanding the differences might help to avoid some of the conflict.

I know that every relationship is different, and every Dominican man is different and some are better than others and here I am pointing out the worst points.

Obviously there are plenty of good points - but I wanted to look at the problem areas.

You will have their personal contact information to use as you wish.

These ladies are aware that men from overseas may contact them and await your calls and emails.

It's 100% normal for a Dominican girl in her 20's and early 30's to date or marry men in their 40's, 50's and 60's. Meeting Latin singles in the DR is different than you are accustomed to.

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