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This question is asked by many Egyptians who are keeping relationships secret due to the fear of public backlash.

Religion is a very touchy subject in Egypt and often interfaith marriages can prove to be problematic. Why is it a taboo to marry a person from a different religion?

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“I wish I’d held off on having children until I knew my rights more.” Had she held off on having children, Kirsten believes she would have left the marriage after the first year.

In the West, extended family does not play as much of a role as it does in the Arab world.

First of all, you need to do your own research into laws and your rights as not only a female, but a foreign female (the same is true for foreign men).

One foreign woman, Kirsten*, married Mohamed* in 2001 and was pregnant with her first child just three months later.

An interesting tidbit you may not know: Egyptian men may only marry once if he’s marrying a foreigner although the Qaran states that a man may have up to four wives.

Egyptian women are supposed to be informed by the Ministry of Justice prior to marriage to confirm her acceptance of being wife number two, three or four.

This is made null should the woman remarry or have relations with another man.

Beware that while the only time custody may change is if the man can prove you are an unfit mother or if you remarry/have relations with another man, Kirsten said, “Never underestimate a pissed off ex-husband.” One woman in Cairo found that out the hard way.

Even if [the husband’s family] know that he’s in the wrong, they will always take his side.” She even discussed how one member in her ex-husband’s family tried to convince her to work things out despite the husband’s numerous indiscretions.

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