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Researchers are welcome at his headquarters where he documents his finds and patiently answers the queries of others. There is a little side clearance in the lid and a short, now mended, hairline near the handle. An unusual potters mark in the bottom is deep and clear. was incorporated on the recommendation of the Malaysian authorities.

A lifetime’s experience with the sea and sailing allows Sjostrand to bring new understanding to ancient ship construction, and his voluminous reading allows him to set the ships and their cargoes in historical perspective. This was done in order to formalize and to expand on the company’s researcher’s extensive knowledge of Asia’s ceramic developments and maritime trade.

The techniques developed were used throughout the entire dynasty era and continue to be used today.

The overall appearance of this teapot is very good.

The spout and the handle are attached with good care and skill. There is a small chip on the inside rim of the lid.

Despite this, this is one of the better teapots from the Desaru wreck site.

It is these interests and gained knowledge that is the base for all his books and extensive lecturing.

In addition to working with recovering artifacts, Sten has located number of ancient kiln sites in Thailand and in China were his shipwreck ceramics was made centuries ago.

The teapot will be delivered with a When ordering from these pages you are dealing directly with a team of dedicated researchers that excavated, recovered and researched every single artifact offered for sale.

We encourage you to contact our Sten has spent more than forty years in Southeast Asia designing and engineering various marine structures.

The clay has a nice rich color and the lid fit the body with little side clearance.

This teapot is likely to produce nice tea as it, like all other teapots on this page, are made from the "old Yixing clay". The teapot will be delivered with a This intact, medium teapot gives an overall good impression with nice colored clay.

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