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'It goes against everything that cavers stress,' he told the magazine.

'But what would happen in a real situation if my lights got crushed, or something else?

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In the future, Ravenel hopes to include more diversity in the selection.

Soon, Santa will include other ethnicities and genders as well.

A show where there is no villain, no one there for the wrong reasons.

The only thing the contestants have to fear is..dark.

In the message, Santa tells kids to be good and get into the Christmas spirit.

As our society becomes more and more diverse, I think it’s crucial that there is diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life, the tech tools we use and that should include Santa Claus as well.” The app allows children to see a prerecorded message from Black Santa for the holiday season.

' 'You don't do this, I shouldn't be doing this - but I wanted to prove to myself that I could.' Each contestant is given a small emergency radio to call for help if need be, and there are specialists on hand to watch over the contestants.'We're there, we're present, but our mandate is not to interfere in their experience,' Phil Gaultier told Esquire.

'The viewer wants to see...people going through a real experience.

The show is called Darkness, a Discovery Channel program that follows three people over the course of six days as they try to make their way through a dangerous cave.

There is no light to guide the contestants as they crawl through 4.62 miles of tunnels across 55 acres, sprinkled with 90ft drops nicknamed the Chasm of Death.

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