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Only 18% of men and 13% of women would choose to meet at a bar.

While Starbucks far outweighs any other coffee shop on the list when it comes to preferable meeting places, restaurants do tend to differ according to age.

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Perhaps because they don’t want to get stuck for a meal that could take hours with someone they aren’t especially attracted to.

On the other hand, men are far more willing to take their chances, or at least enjoy a good meal as long as they are on a date.

—fast-food burritos doesn't seem like awesome first-date fodder to me. And have you ever been to one of these locations on a first date before?

I don't know about you, but I try to save sauce dripping down my chin for the second date.

Fifty-one percent of men prefer to meet at restaurants, as opposed to 31% who prefer coffee shops.

Surprisingly, neither men or women find bars to be good first date places.

1 slot is the location that locked in second place: Chipotle.

While a casual coffee date actually sounds lovely, eating messy—though delicious!

Women differ from men by where they would like to meet for that first date.

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