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Unfortunately, picking a costume isn't much different. We have some ideas on how to dress your look up, or down, depending on your style.We also have a short list of popular women's costumes that are exclusive to us, helping you make the right decision in a flash! No two women have the exact same idea on what looks good, and the most important think to keep in mind when selecting one of our women's Halloween costumes is to pick an outfit that's going to make you feel confident and comfortable.The outfit helps you look ready to set sail across the high seas, all while letting keep a modest look.

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The last thing you want to choose is a costume that doesn't fit your own style. We went ahead and put together this quick guide on how to choose the right amount of coverage for you.

We've selected some great looks from our variety of costumes for women, from full coverage outfits to sexy costumes to give you some ideas how to make your look less revealing, or a little more daring, depending on what style fits your personality.

There are tons of Halloween costumes for women with swashbuckling savvy!

Choosing the right one for you starts with evaluating just how much skin you want to show on your outing as a pirate.

It shows a bit more skin than some of our other options.

The hem of the dress is shorter, stopping mid-thigh, and the intricate neckline is show-stopping.

It seems like the world is always just bombarding you with a whole maelstrom of different decisions for you to make. All those questions are enough to make your head spin! We've put this guide together, which has plenty of ideas, tips and tricks to help you choose the right look for you.

What should you watch on Netflix with your significant other? The good news is, we're bona fide costume experts and we've got a ton of advice to share with you about choosing Halloween costumes for women.

This outfit is proof that you can get a cute look while still being modest, so you can feel comfortable and confident when you head out to the speakeasy.

Maybe you're a little ambivalent about how modest you want to be?

And one thing is for sure—this isn't your grandma's pirate outfit!

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