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Anti-miscegenation laws barring interracial marriage were first introduced in the US in the 1600s to prevent the illegitimate mixed race children of slaves from inheriting property from their white fathers.When the building of the transcontinental railroad attracted an influx of male Chinese immigrants who left their families in China in the late 1800s, those laws were amended to include Chinese and other Asian ethnicities.

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Long-standing stereotypes and assumptions continue to create barriers and complications for interracial couples, even as a growing Asian American population and a resurgence in heritage pride movements have led to an uptick in Asians marrying other Asians, according to C. Le, director of the Asian and Asian American studies certificate program in the sociology department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

In 1980, Asian Americans were marrying foreign-born Asians at a rate of 7 percent; by 2008, that percentage had jumped to 21.

Barbara Nguyen and James Willeford say they have faced minimal resistance for their interracial relationship in New York, but believe that attitudes are different outside major metropolitan cities.

Kelly Chung Dawson / China Daily Attitudes toward mixed marriages in the US are less of a barrier today, but those in such marriages or partnerships often tell a different story, reports Kelly Chung Dawson from New York.

"Even so, I'm definitely aware of the relationship stereotype of the white male and Asian female, and at times I've been self-conscious of whether people think that's what's going on between us," he said.

"Occasionally people have made jokes about it, but fortunately for the most part no one's really raised the issue." Jenn Fang, who runs the Asian American issues blog, takes issue with Chen's citation of the Coffee Meets Bagel study.

For interracial relationships initiated in developing countries, there are often greater socioeconomic and cultural differences.

However, she said that she believes that the economic rise of Asian countries will inevitably change the way people view Asian-White pairings, as fewer assumptions are made about the interplay of power between cultures.

The nuances and repercussions of that discussion extend farther than the way in which Caucasians view Asians, with many Asian Americans citing those same stereotypes as having shaped their own sexual preferences and the confidence in which they pursue or don't pursue partners of other races.

The history of interracial marriage in the US has long been complicated.

"It is not okay for a person of color to be objectified based on their race in any context.

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