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' I'd like to hang in there for the impeachment' How you act toward your doctor can really define that relationship -- and all too often, patients have certain ticks that drive their doctors completely crazy.

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' Pilots were on the verge of ...' There are 'three things going against' cities -- people motivated to commit crimes, people who have things worth stealing and a lack of security provisions.

Find out which areas fall victim to crimes A Facebook user shared the image Friday and said he was 'delighted to wait in line' behind a fellow 'hopeful patriot' to see the former first lady's portrait.

Keep the bed well watered until the young plants are established.

Comfrey should not be harvested in its first season as it needs to become established.

The best way to eradicate comfrey is to very carefully dig it out, removing as much of the root as possible.

This is best done in hot, dry summer weather, wherein the dry conditions will help to kill off any remaining root stumps.

Despite being sterile, Bocking 14 Russian Comfrey will steadily increase in size.

It is therefore advisable to split it up every few years.

Comfrey can continue growing into mid-autumn, but it is not advisable to continue taking cuttings after early autumn in order to allow the plants to build up winter reserves.

After the growing season, leaving comfrey beds fallow may deliver higher yields in future harvests, as the plant builds up energy reserves in its roots.

However infected plants should not be used for propagation purposes. These are then made available through its fast-growing leaves (up to 1.8–2.3 kilograms (4.0–5.1 lb) per plant per cut) which, lacking fibres, quickly break down to a thick black liquid.

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