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This cut US version was released on pre-cert VHS and ended up being seized by the police during the video nasties panic.

The porn industry has been left to develop its own age verification tools.

Prof Alan Woodward, cybersecurity expert at Surrey University, told the BBC this presented porn sites with a dilemma - needing to comply with the regulation but not wanting to make it difficult for their customers to access content.

I can't imagine many porn-site visitors will be happy uploading copies of passports and driving licences to such a site. The DCMS has published a letter dated 21st February 2018 that officially appoints the BBFC as its internet porn censor.

It euphemistically describes the role as an age verification regulator.

Cut by the BBFC for X rated cinema release in 1977.

The film was released in the US with sex scenes cut for an R rating.

The BBC writes: A few weeks before a major change to the way in which UK viewers access online pornography, neither the government nor the appointed regulator has been able to provide details to the BBC about how it will work.

From April 2018, people accessing porn sites will have to prove they are aged 18 or over.

At this stage, I would normally preface my remarks with a lacerating attack on how the Government are acquiescing in our place in the world as a cyber also-ran, and I would attack them for their rather desultory position and attitude to delivering a world-class digital trust regime.

However, I am very fortunate that this morning the Secretary of State has made the arguments for me.

An extended but still incomplete version was released on DVD in 2004 with previous BBFC cuts waived.

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