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The Latin lock step is often featured when Cha-cha is danced in Open position with a one-hand hold.

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In the Latin dances the combination of the crossed position and the turnout of the feet means that the rear toe will be pointed at the heel of the other foot, while in the Standard dances the lack of turnout means the feet will be parallel.

In Standard the basic locking action is usually preceded and followed by a left side lead.

At the end of the move, the dancers have their positions exchanged.

The cross-body lead can be done with single-hand or double hand hold, with or without a woman's underarm turn, or leading the woman to do a free spin.

For some dances it is sufficient to know the basic step performed in different handholds and dance positions to enjoy it socially. It is used, e.g., in American Style ballroom dances: Rumba bronze-level Foxtrot.

The leader begins with the left foot and proceeds as follows. During the second and fourth step it is advised the foot to travel along two sides of the box, rather than along its diagonal. E.g., it is "1-2-3,4-5-6" in Waltz and "Sqq, Sqq" in Rumba. French for 'chain', a series of quick turns on first position alternating flat or relave feet with progression along a straight line or circle.The dance partners keep contact with one or two hands while stepping to rotate concentrically over 180 degrees around the same point in opposite directions.The Feather is a basic figure in International Style Foxtrot, in which the man makes three or four steps basically forward, with the third one (right foot) done outside the lady.They will then step to the side on the other foot, and conclude the figure by closing the first foot beside the second (hence the name "closed" of the step). Cross-body lead is a common and useful move in Latin dances such as Salsa, Mambo, Rumba and Cha-cha-cha.Basically, the man on counts 2 and 3 of his basic step (assuming dancing on 1) does a quarter-left turn (90° counterclockwise) while still holding on to the woman.It is a gliding, flowing step with the feet essentially following a step together step pattern.

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